Understanding the process of site preparation


Land clearing plays a pivotal in preparing a piece of land for planned construction. As such, the type of land clearing services provided depends on the things to be cleared. Therefore, clearing a site with shrubs should cost less that clearing one with mature trees. These services are best handled by land clearing companies with the experience and machines needed to ensure groundbreaking proceeds as planned. In most instances, this process is executed procedurally for the best results.

Land clearing process

Cutting and Clearingcamping

The first step in any site clearing process is clearing and cutting everything that needs to be removed. Thus, land clearing experts use special equipment to cut stumps and all pieces of vegetation. How they cut depends on the nature of your project and your personal preferences. Everything is cut to manageable levels after which they are burnt or hauled away from the construction site.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding services are done on trees that have been cut down. After trees are cut, the next step is to remove the stump for the construction process to commence. Stump grinding is not everyone’s job. Professionals with the right equipment should handle it. Stumps from mature trees are quite heavy. With this in mind, having a professional with the right equipment makes work easy. Moreover, they also give you the chance to ensure everything is handled as per your expectations.

Removing bushes

forestAfter removing trees, which forms the greater part of the land-clearing job, you can then deal with bushes and minor clutter. The responsibility of the land clearing company should be well understood during this process. This is important to avoid issues related to what the company can handle and things like disposal options. Land clearing services remove all unwanted vegetation. In most instances, everything that might affect the construction is removed entirely. After the area has been cleared, you can proceed and start preparing for the construction process.

With all said, the quality of services depends on the land clearing services contractor chosen. Getting a right land clearing contractor like ALS Incorporated requires significant effort on your part. Look at the kind of projects they have handled and what those customers hand to say about them. Do not forget to look at the value for money. With the best land clearing company, expect the best possible results at the right price.